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Ingredients, Allergy, Storage & How-To-Use Advice


Each decoration is handmade from edible material and individually airbrushed with food safe colours.


The food-safe airbrush colours used contain ethanol and the thickener hydroxypropyl cellulose E463. The colours used in the range include: titanium dioxide E171, riboflavin E101, carmine E120, E132, brilliant blue E133, E172, E160a, E132, E153.

Occasionally, non-toxic, food-touch dusts my be used through the airbrush to create special finishes. Although perfectly harmless if some of the dust is eaten from the surface of the cake, items sprayed with these dusts are not designed to be consumed & should be removed from the cake before it is eaten. If used, appropriate advice will be included in the relevant product description.

Moulded Decorations (not indivdually-sculptured 3D decorations)

The modelling paste for the moulded decorations is made from sugarpaste and gum tragacanth or gum tylose.

Ingredients: sugar (83%), glucose syrup, water, vegetable glycerine, vegetable oil, emulsifier E471 (mono & diglycerides), Gum Tragacanth E413, natural flavouring, preservative E202 (potassium sorbate), Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose (CMC) E466.

Diet and Allergens: These toppers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are gluten and dairy free, although they are produced on premises where nut products are handled, so there is a risk of nut traces being present.

The brand of sugarpaste used does not use animal fatty acids so is suitable for Jewish and Muslim customers although no official Kosher or Halal certification exists yet - E471 fatty acids my be plant or animal derived, so potentially pork fat may be present in tiny traces in other brands but this brand uses purely plant derived E471.

3D Decorations (including all leaves)

The 3D decorations are handmade from fine, professional-quality edible flower paste.

Ingredients: Sugar; Glucose; Water; Maize Starch; Emulsifier: Cellulose Gum; Free Range Egg Albumen; Preservative: Acetic Acid

Diet and Allergens: These 3D toppers may contain traces of nuts & contain egg albumen. They are gluten-free & suitable for vegetarians.


The decorations should be stored in cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight in a cardboard box. It is recommended that any plastic packing materials are removed as soon as possible on receipt, to mininise the risk of any damage caused by condensation. Do not put in a fridge or freezer!

There is a suggested 'best before end' date of 6 months from date of purchase for all my items., although in practice they do not normally deteriorate in any way provided they are kept in the right conditions - they just go even harder over time.


It is recommended that non-wired items are attached to the surface of a sugarpasted cake with a small amount of royal icing - ideally coloured to the same shade as your cake base - which sets firm. Please do not confuse this with buttercream icing which does not set hard in the same way.

Wired items should never be inserted directly into your cake. They should be held in a sugarcraft posy pick which is inserted into the cake to hold the wired items or alternatively dipped in the product called Safety Seal (Ingenious Edibles) which provides a food-safe seal around the wire before insertion.


Purple Butterfly Cake Designs is registered with UK Environmental Health under current UK Food Safety legislation and the premises carry a 5 star hygiene rating. All items are produced, stored, handled and labelled according to the necessary professional standards.